Meet The Scientist


 Meet The Cinephile Scientist!

The scientist are a group of dedicated cinephiles who encompass all genres. Each has their own formula to determine what makes a great entertainment project and trash one. 

DRH is an author and long time cinephile who's love from movies spans 
all the way from writing to the editing room. 
He loves to dissect movies an analyze every aspect of films which is why his 
favorite categories are mystery's and Sci fi films but loves a good comic book flick. 
Some of his favorite movies are Momento, 
The Departed, Ant-Man and Inception. His movie review formula is 
2.character development 
4.cinematography and editing
6.ending payoff 

                      Kry Jones

Kry Jones


Also known as Mr. Stay Tuned is a very creative and exciting person. He’s an rnb artist who loves to sing and listen to all genres of music, which ultimately contributes to enhancing his passion for creating music. He has recently has taken a strong interest in film writing. Drama Series writing to be more specific. He absolutely loves movies so why not create them. He’s really into comedy and drama films. Some of his favorites are Friday and The Wood. And more recently he’s taken to a new drama series titled Defending Jacob. If you haven’t seen them, Go watch them… After you finish reading this though. Lol His Formula for movie review is Cast, Plot, Cinematography, Dialogue, & Setting. So go check out my reviews and let me know what you think. Oh Yea, Stay Tuned for what’s next. 

BANG!!! This is Phantom, movie reviewer extraordinaire. 
Come through and check out my reviews and drop a like if you enjoy the content.
A lil on my tastes...I'm into action, comedy, horror, trailers and anime. 
Not going to lie though, I enjoy watching a dumb movies for a good laugh.
I'm from NY and currently reside in FL. Trucking for a living and invest in real estate. 
Be sure to come check me and my blog often.