The Grey Man Review


The Grey Man is a action thriller that released in 2022 starring Ryan Gosman, Ana De Armes, Chris Evans, Billy Bob Thornton and more. Directed by the Russo Brothers with a $200 million budget. The Grey Man is about the CIA's deep cover Sierra program agent called the Six. The program contracts members to fulfill off the book missions. A Sierra contract goes south when Six finds out he has killed a Sierra operate who has incriminating evidence on a senior CIA operative named Charmichael. Charmichael will stop at nothing to retrieve the data, even if it means innocent lives will be lost.

The plot is a simple mission goes wrong, agent gets ahold of data, bad guy wants it and now agent must save girl and retrieve data. Six must use all the skills in his arsenal to survive the relentless pursuit of former CIA operate Lloyd Hansen. The psychopath has no moral compass and will use any means necessary to accomplish his mission. I love action thrillers with a simple plot so I can focus more on the over the top action rather then keep track of deeper plots and sub plots that may get a bit convoluted.

Six had quite a charm to him even though he was quiet and stoic. At times, you'd think he would be detached from the world but displays so much more caring and humanity than the operatives who were after him. His support, agent Dani Miranda was great to watch as she steps in from time to time to save or back up Six. Ana De Armas will do very well in future action movies as she plays her role here wondrously. Chris Evens plays the villain convincingly and seems to enjoy his role almost too well. His character Lloyd Hansen is a psychotic and egotistical maniac that loves his craft and hates to fail. As his attempts get thwarted, it drives him to get crafter and more desperate and it gives off such a sinister energy to it. Billy Bob Thornton is Six's man on the inside. He plays Fitzroy and as great as he is, gives a spectacular performance and might be low key the best actor in the movie.

Wow, this movie packed quite a punch with all the action sequences. It's a action movie through and through. There will be plenty of over the top and unrealistic battles but it's meant to just be a great and fun time. This is why a simple plot matters as the movie just wants to give you entertaining fight scenes that have you at the edge of your seat. I particularly enjoyed the 1 v 1 or 2 v 1 fights since the choreography was top notch but there can be a good amount of jump cuts that can get a bit jarring if you are 1 to notice them the way i do.

The visuals quality was overall a good experience. There was a good range of scenery and settings that gave team the opportunity to show action in bars, planes, day, night to cars and court yards. The CGI can be a bit bad at times but not all over the movie. Lighting in dark scenes makes it so the action isn't missed are unbearable to keep track of.

Good job to the sound team. Guns, explosions, crashes and punches packed the wallop they needed without giving up quality. The soundtrack was good, nothing memorable but it felt well placed in each scene. I especially enjoyed the track for the last fight as it set the tone and added to the tension the rivals had for each other.

Plot - 5.5

Characters - 7.5

Action - 9.5

Visuals - 8

Sound - 8

Overall - 7.5

Summary - A cliche action movie that will very entertaining action movie to watch for what it is.